Playing is important. Four important developments of preschool kids.

Playing and kids go together but you may not know that running around with friends can also help them improve their four developments.

Physical Development:
Playing is a type of physical activity. When kids’ muscles fully developed, they can do any activities quickly and effectively. It also can make them improve their health and fitness and reduce their stress.
Emotional Development:
Playing not only make them happy, but also make them have emotional stability and self-confidence and learn to understand others emotions.
Social Development:
When they play with other kids, they will learn to follow the rules of the group. Playing also can help them make friendship with others and learn to be more patient.
Intellectual Development:
They can learn to think systemically and solve the problem through play. When they try to explain their feeling, they can improve their communication skills too. Playing also can help them develop their imagination, creativity, and positive attitude.


As you can see, there are so many benefits of playing. Therefore, let’s find time to get kids to play outside