9 Multiple Intelligence

“All human beings possess intelligence but these are different between individuals” said by Howard Gardner, American Psychologist and Professor at Harvard University. He proposed that human beings have nine different kinds of intelligence. Let’s see each of nine kinds of intelligence so that we can realize which one that our beloved kids possess and we can support them in the appropriate way.

1. Linguistic Intelligence
The capacity to use language, both spoken and written, to express one’s thoughts to others and to understand others.
2. Logical-Mathematic Intelligence
The capacity to reason and think logically and abstractly. It also includes the capacity to complete mathematical operations.
3. Spatial Intelligence
The capacity to visualize things before creating. These individuals are often good with directions.
4. Musical Intelligence
The capacity to discern pitch, rhythm, timbre, and tone which enable to recognize, create, reproduce, and reflect on music.
5. Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
The capacity to use whole body or parts of body effectively and have a keen sense of body awareness.
6. Interpersonal Intelligence
The ability to understand and interact effectively with others. These individuals are good at managing relationships and negotiating conflict.
7. Intrapersonal Intelligence
The capacity to understand oneself, one’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This intelligence involves having a strong sense of self and having self control.
8. Naturalist Intelligence
The ability to know about and relate well to one’s natural surroundings. This intelligence involves having a deep understanding of natural elements and changing in the environment.
9. Existential intelligence
The ability to think and question about life, death, and ultimate reality.

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