5 reasons kids should play outside

There are many researches show that kids spend less time playing outside nowadays. Kindee would like you to get kids to play outside and spend more time in nature because they not only enjoy but also gain several benefits.
1. Boosting the immune system : Playing in nature regularly can help boosting kids’ immune system and reducing risk of allergy.
2. Exercising : Exercise with happiness is the best exercise. When kids play, they can improve their muscles and physical health.
3. Creating imagination : Playing outside can help developing kids’ imagination more than spending time on a tablet. They will find a way to play with surrounding things. They can not only enjoy but also create more imagination.
4. Improving skills of solving problem and planning : Kids can learn how to make a plan and solve real problems from playing outside, especially group playing
5. Improving concentration : When kids play outside, even easy activities, such as cycling, they can use all physical skills and concentration. They can improve their ability to focus and maintain attention.